VICE Media commissioned us to create a marketing illustration for Desperados x Club House print and digital display campaign.

We went through a creative journey together with our colleagues at VICE, which you can explore presented step by step below.

'Incredibly talented artists, I use them whenever I have a need for a high-end visual.' - Polly Williams, Senior Studio Manager at VICE Media

Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 15.12.50.png

The finished image on the official brand homepage

DESPERADOS sketches.jpg

Sketching initial roughs to find optimal composition and setting up the general light values

Desperados 1.jpg
Desperados 2.jpg

Exploring colour

Desperados 3.jpg

Defining the composition and characters

Desperados 4.jpg

Adjusting and detailing

Desperados 5.jpg

Further development with a new environment

DESPERADOS poster.jpg

The final image after major composition changes